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Top 10 games

Posted in Games,Uncategorized by Lex on March 7, 2010
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Hello there,here are 10 useless/cool/fun/strange games I found over the internet. So .. if you want to have some fun when you’re bored, try them.

1. Jail Break – help a dot to escape the prison 😀

Jail Break

2. Bloons tower defense 4 – monkeys that pop baloons to protect the base. It is a strange but addictive game.


3.  Temple Guardian – a great online game indeed! it makes you forget about everything while playing. You have to protect your tample from magic creatures.

temple guardian

4. Sogoban – move some boxes to make the level. A clasic game with a crocodile !


5.  Super sonic Hedgehog – a mario like game,not great but it is little fun to play it.


6. Black Knight – cool. a very fun game. You have to collect taxes by beating up the peasants. Thou shall have fun with this game!

Black Knight

7.  Electric Man – an ultra cool game . it reminds me of  dragon ball/matrix ,it is very very fun and nice.

Electric Man

8. Tower Bloxx – build towers . It is a very addictive game at first ,but after a while you’ll get bored by it.

Tower Bloxx

9.  Tower Blaster – another game with towers,only this one is very addictive and it puts  your mind and intuition at work. The main idea is to put the block in order to build a tower before your opponent.

Tower Blaster

10.  Civiballs – it really is a mind blowing game beacause it makes you use your mind at full cap. It is also very enertaining.just try it and see for yourself 😀


Just have fun and relax .:D:D